Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trainings Schedule

All trainings are personalized to suit individual needs as well as groups.

1. Reiki - All Levels
2. Crystal Healing - Basic, Intermediate, & Advance Levels
3. Pendulum Healing & Dowsing
4. Vaastu, Geomancy and Earth Energies including Environmental Healing.
5. Acupressure - Basic Level for Home Remedies
6. Mind Development & Mindfulness Meditation
7. Clinical Practice of Alternative Medicine including Health Management for aspiring Professional Practitioners
8. Magnet Therapy
9. Therapeutic Yoga for Health Management

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Medicine Dharma Reiki

Benefits of REIKI

REIKI is known to be a state of art of Self Healing Preventive Medicine that establishes mastery over the Human Mind/Body/Spirit. People who have adopted this system of application on daily basis report extraordinary recovery from all types of Mind/Body disorders. Some of the benefits that can be experienced have been listed below:-

• Balances and amplifies flow of Energy – boosts Vitality & Immune System
• Activates inner awareness and wisdom – develops Mindfulness
• Increases Creativity – helps build capacities to be creative
• Has Healing (Wholing) effect – Harmonizes Mind/Body/Spirit
• Helps release emotional blockages like Anger, Anxiety, Panic, Depression, Sadness, Fear and Guilt.
• Works on casual level of disease – the causative factors of the source
• Releases stress through deep relaxation – slumber like state
• Amplifies memory & concentration – enhances Focus and Drive
• Brings in health & prosperity – Health is Wealth and old saying
• Gives contentment and peace of mind – Clarity, Tranquillity and Balance of Mind
• Gives a new direction to life and gradually advances spiritual growth
• Reverses aging process and reactivating youthfulness and enthusiasm.
• Give a person full control over the mind and body
• Regulates metabolic activity and controls body weight.
• Induces peaceful sleep – cures insomnia and mental tension