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Hello divine people m posting a beautiful meditation techniques used by Zen ,this simple technique can do great change in ourselves, like seven chakra Zen uses three main points for consciousness.. called Tan tien point... if our consciousness goes towards this point then healing happens automatically.

Three Minds In-to One
The Three Minds correspond to the Three Tan Tiens or major energy centers within the body. They can store, transform and supply energy to and from each other, the spinal cord, sexual organs and other major organs. The Upper Tan Tien is located within the Upper Brain, the Middle Tan Tien is located in the heart and the Lower Tan Tien in the abdomen.

If the Upper Brain generates too much energy, it can subsequently transfer and store it in the organs; heart, lungs, liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas and kidneys). Excess sexual energy can also be stored in the organs and the Three Tan Tiens. The Taoists, understanding these principles, learn to generate, refine and store continually increasing amounts of energy within the body. As these energies multiply, it becomes necessary to practice growing the virtuous energy which provides for true alchemy, exchange with heaven, earth and universal energies and all those whom we share our lives with.

By storing Chi within the body and not emptying oneself outward, there is no subsequent drainage of energy. Sitting and emptying the mind is good, but very little energy is actually generated. The Taoist turns the self inwards to the universe within, the microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm without.

With the simple practice of smiling to all the organs, we can integrate our bodies, minds and spirits. They are no longer separate. The goal of the Three Minds is to combine the faculties of observation, consciousness and awareness and connect them with the forces from the six directions - above, below, left, right, front and back, drawing and fusing a sublimation of all of these external energies into the body. Eventually, with practice one can draw upon many different energies and use them as needed, thereby giving form to the formless energy that is abundant in Nature.
By combining Three Minds into One, one is able to use minimum effort to achieve maximum effect.

Three Tan Tiens
In the Tao practice; we store energy in the Three Tan Tiens. The Three Tan Tiens correspond to the Three Minds, Upper, Middle and Lower.
The Upper Tan Tien is in the Upper Brain (the crystal room, third ventrical).
When it is full of energy, the capacity of the brain increases. It is the Upper Mind and is associated with observation. We store our spiritual intelligence, the mind here. All the Tan Tiens have both yin and yang within them. In nature, the yin and yang are present in all things.
Day (yang) turns into the sunset, which turns to night (yin). It is very important to feel the qualities of yin within yang and yang with yin (sunrise/sunset). One quality does not exist without the other. They are inseparable qualities of the same force.

The Heart Center between the two nipples, is the Middle Tan Tien. It is the Middle Mind and is associated with consciousness. The heart is associated with fire and is the site of original spirit (Shen).

The abdominal region surrounding the navel is like an empty universe, or ocean. It is the Lower Tan Tien. It contains the Lower Mind and is associated with feeling and awareness. Within this universe or ocean, there is a fire, like a volcano under the ocean; ‘fire under water’.
The Three Tan Tiens refer to the three reservoirs and sources of energy within the body. The meridians are rivers of energy fed by these reservoirs. The goal of opening the Three Tan Tiens is to continually fill and replenish the energy that is consumed and exchanged by the Three Minds and the rest of the body.

When you are not using the Upper Brain sink it down into the Lower one.

Tan Tien Consciousness: Second Brain

We have used terms like Upper Mind or Observation Mind, Feeling and Awareness Mind or Middle Mind. In addition to its importance as the control center for the mechanics of the physical structure of the body, the Lower Tan Tien also houses a treasure of even more far-reaching significance; it is the site of our Second Brain.

Most of us who have had Taoist training in Chi Kung, Tai Chi, various Chi meditations or healing practices have often heard the reminder, ‘Be aware of your Tan Tien.’

Being aware of your Tan Tien can be seen as being a way to train consciousness and awareness, like educating the brain in the abdominal area.

2. Cross-section of the neurons in the Large Intestine
You can rest, relax the brain in the head by using the ‘brain in the gut.’ This is the first step. Learn to forgive and let go. When we keep on remembering past negative emotions, we stop seeing the truth. To let go of the past is to empty the mind and use the abdominal mind, the awareness and consciousness mind. In the way of the Tao, the gut brain can do a lot of simple functions that are similar to the functions of the brain in the head.

This is a feeling and awareness type of functioning similar to many of our ‘right brain’ functions.

However, we need to use the brain in the head in order to perform complex functions such as reasoning, making plans and making complex calculations. For rational functions, we need to use the brain in the head for the ‘left brain’ functions. Such functions can be simplified and enhanced when we learn to combine the 'Three Minds Into One', and use them together as a unit.

For our daily life of consciousness, awareness and feeling, we can use either the brain in the gut or the brain in the head. When we use the Upper Brain less, it will become charged with more energy and its power will be increased. More power will be available to the body. That is why we say in Taoism, that we have to train the brain in the gut, so that we can use it when the brain in the head is resting. When the head brain is resting, it can be recharged: brain repair and maintenance occurs. It will also be able to grow new brain cells. With more energy we have more power for creativity. If we like, we can use this energy to develop our higher spiritual nature.

Whenever you smile down, the brain waves go lower and lower very quickly and the transformed energy from the Tan Tien and organs charges up the brain in the head. Just by flexing the facial muscles with a genuine smile, we can affect the Upper and Lower Brains, nervous system and the rest of the body.

We can actually make ourselves relaxed and happy by taking advantage of this built-in human mechanism. It’s natural. Just do it! Learning to smile down to the abdominal area and maintain the awareness of the relaxed, smiling sensation in the Tan Tien is the first step in training the Second Brain. Pure awareness and consciousness can change attitudes and emotions carried in the DNA.

Number 1: “Empty your mind down to the Lower Tan Tien, and fill the Tan Tien with Chi.” An axiom in the Tao is, where the mind goes the Chi follows.
Number 2: “When your mind is empty, it will be filled.” This means that when the organs have extra energy, the extra organ energy will rise up and fill the brain with Chi.

Medical science has also discovered the consciousness in the heart. They found that the heart can record a whole event, and it has its own brain, the Third Brain. Dr. Paul Pearsall has written a new book, called The Heart’s Code 3.They have found that people who have a heart transplant can actually experience the emotions of the donor.

One of the published cases is that of a girl who was brutally killed. The police didn’t know who had killed her. Her heart was subsequently transplanted into another girl. The recipient of this transplant started to get nightmares and described somebody killing her. She described the killer’s physical appearance. Finally, the mother took the girl to a psychiatrist, who then contacted the police. The girl gave the police an exact description of the 'man from her nightmares' and a police artist drew a reconstruction of the killer. With this new information the police were able to go and arrest the man.

Afterwards, when confronted with clear details of the crime, the man confessed that he was indeed guilty of this crime. So, from that experience, medical science came to realize that the heart can record all of an event and remember it.

3. Practice - Three Minds Into One
Smile down to the inner universe. Activate the heart's consciousness and empty the mind and heart down to the Lower Tan Tien, the Abdominal Brain. Gather the ‘Yi’ (mind-eye-heart power), combining Three Minds into One. Fill the Tan Tien with this Chi. Start to spiral the energy. You are then ready to connect to the higher forces of Universal and Heavenly Chi. The Three Minds are the Upper, Middle and Lower, or Three Tan Tiens.

1. Smile to the Inner Universe
Place your palms together in salutation, in front of your heart. Feel the Laogong points in your hands connect, creating an energy loop running from your heart through your arms and hands and back again.
Activate the heart’s compassion
Laogong Point (pericardium 8)

2. Activate the Heart's Compassion Energy
Smile to the heart and feel it softening. Feel love, joy, compassion and happiness. Smile down and empty the mind to the Lower Tan Tien, the Abdominal Brain. Fill the Tan Tien with Chi and start to spiral the energy.
When the abdomen is warm, it is full of Chi. The Chi can then charge up to the Upper Brain.

3. Combine the Three Minds into One
1. Lower the Upper Mind (observation mind) down to the Lower Tan Tien.
2. Lower the Middle Mind (consciousness mind) down to Lower Tan Tien.
3. Combine Three Minds Into One Mind at the Lower Tan Tien (the Yi).
4. Manifest your intent out at the mid-eyebrow.

Remember - what you send out, you will in some way, receive back. It may not always be what you expected but it will always be for your greater good. In the Tao we also learn to cease expectations and that there are no promises or guarantees.

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How to look after yourself to help tinnitus:
1 It is essential to develop body awareness and learn how to relax if you want to help your tinnitus. Go to a yoga, tai chi, or Pilates class on a weekly basis so you will have correct tuition and learn to get out of your head and get in touch with your body. This will prove invaluable in the long-term and will teach you techniques for those bad days when you feel overwhelmed.

2 Find a body therapist you like and feel comfortable with, and who cares about your well being! Visit them once a week until things feel more manageable and then renegotiate how often is appropriate. You will need direct support in learning how to let go. It is much easier with someone else helping you.

3 If you are suffering from severe tinnitus, find a tinnitus counsellor or someone who has worked through tinnitus themselves and understands what you are going through. Please avoid practitioners or other tinnitus people promoting negative views on tinnitus. It is important to maintain a clear and positive focus with this condition with caring support.

4 Reduce stimulants like coffee, chocolate, tea & alcohol. These all raise you adrenaline levels and therefore make you more sensitive to tinnitus! Bring about any change very gradually so it is not stressful for your body.

5 Put aside one part of the day which is for you, where you are not to be disturbed. This means switching off the phone and telling others that you are having some down time. Ideally spend some time relaxing, noticing how you are feeling, and do something which calms the mind. If this is difficult for you because you are too accelerated, unhappy or agitated, then consider visiting a psychotherapist or counsellor who can help you feel more comfortable with yourself. If you cannot fit this in because of your lifestyle, then seriously consider changing your lifestyle!

6 Learn specific relaxation techniques for when you have a bad day. When things get bad learn to recognise that you have gone into orbit and take positive action. Contact your therapist and go and get support. Do something calming rather than allow your thoughts to run away with themselves. Practice a body calming technique that you have learnt from your classes.

7 Take regular low-impact exercise that is calming and puts you in touch with your body. e.g. when you walk, feel yourself walking and notice what is going on around you rather than planning, analysing, and thinking furiously in your head.

8 If you have had thrush/Candida seek the help of a nutritionist or read about this syndrome, which can lead to tinnitus. You may need to avoid sugar, yeast, cheese, bread, wine and beer etc to help your system settle and let go of tinnitus. There is plenty of information in bookshops and on the Internet. This condition can arise after antibiotics, and you might need to take pro-biotics to help balance your gut.

9 Avoid silence, which can make you more aware of your tinnitus. Learn to choose sounds which are comforting and play/have them in the background. This might include your favourite music, or the sound of a river or the sea. Spend time specifically listening to something you love hearing on a regular basis.

10 When you find yourself worrying or feeling negative, take positive action. Do something that focuses you, calms you down, and makes you feel better. Don’t stew in your mind.

11 Start using your tinnitus as a “healthometre”. It will soon tell you if you are doing the right thing because it will calm down. If it has got worse, try and consider what made it worse.

12 Take a long-term view. Expect things to improve gradually the more you look after yourself, give yourself time out and get support. Your tinnitus will get better the more you feel comfortable in yourself.

Julian Cowan Hill works at the
Tinnitus & Stress Clinic
203 Westbourne Studios
242 Acklam Road
London W10 5JJ


What is tinnitus?
Tinnitus is a ringing sound in the ear or it could be other noises that seem to originate in the ear or in head.
These noises are many times associated with many forms of hearing loss. Ringing in the ear vary in frequency and pitch it could be loud or low, even type of sound also vary like wheezing, whistling, swashing, roaring etc.
The sound and their pitches varies from person to person. The sound could be continuous or may come and go, thus it becomes extremely disturbing to people who have it. Tinnitus is usually a subjective phenomenon.

Cause of tinnitus symptoms
Tinnitus is not a disease in itself but it is a reflection of something in ear and brain. It could be because of:

Hearing loss
Trauma to hearing apparatus
Certain drugs like aspirin and quinine
Brain tumor
Meniere’s disease
Infection, fluid in middle ear
Exposure to loud noise
Advanced age
Low thyroid levels
Wax in ear
Foreign body

Tinnitus symptoms
Tinnitus is a subjective symptom. It can be heard in one or both ears or in the head. The various sounds experienced by patients are:

Wheezing, Buzzing, Hissing, Screaming, Humming, Whistling, Clicking, Roaring, Sounds of wind, waves, Tree frogs, Beeping, etc.