Saturday, July 31, 2010

What I Practice as a Healer


It is a known fact that allopathic medicine is not providing cures for a significant percentage of patients. The Doctors get tired of prescribing medicines which would treat the patient’s symptoms, but would not cure the underlying problems.

This causes many to challenge the most basic principles underpinning allopathic medicine. The body needs medicines or surgery to heal itself. Practitioners have come to find working within the confines of this principle terribly frustrating, principally because is does not place the emphasis – and more importantly, the responsibility for healing on the patient. After all, doctors don’t really heal people. People heal themselves. As a physician, a doctor may diagnose a bacterial infection and prescribe an antibiotic to combat it, but that is only to give the patient’s immune system a “fighting chance” to swing into action and do the real work of healing.

Many types of energy work and therapies that had been applied from centuries have surfaced such as Reiki, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, and Acupuncture; along with Homeopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Herbal Medicines etc. to name a few, as there have found to be more that a hundred and seventy streams of Alternative Medicine that have and are being practiced the world over. Many such therapies have proven to “fill the gaps”. Here is a system that addressed the source of ailments, offered a well reasoned complement to the medical practice of innumerable practitioners, and most importantly demonstrated how they could clearly assist the body to heal itself.

Psycho-spiritual Counselling & Mind/Body Health Management a holistic process which is developed for individuals on case to case basis according to their needs, these may include:

1. Energy-work: Reiki, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Crystals and Acupressure / Reflexology.
2. Body-work: Cranio-sacral therapy, Neuro-muscular therapy, Magnet Therapy, Lymphatic & Cellulite drainage, Post traumatic vitality & body toning etc.
3. Lifestyle guidance: Food & Nutrition, Physical fitness procedures including Yoga, Meditation and Nature Cure procedures.
4. Emotional Freedom: Auto-suggestion through NLP – neuro linguistic programming, EFT – Emotional Freedom Therapy, Counselling and deep relaxation therapy.
5. Medicines: as prescribed by respective doctors / physicians are advised be continued and post recovery clients are required to consult them for change / addition / modification of medications. Under no circumstances they should be stopped or discontinued without their consent.

Due to the complexity and multiple disorders / diseases of individuals, several therapies are chosen for each and every case and applied for recovery from various disorders. Some of the disorders are mentioned hereunder:

a) Related to the Mind / Emotions & Thought Process:

Anxiety & Panic, Anger, Fear & Phobia, Depression, Hatred & Fanatic behaviour, Jealousy, Guilt and past / present life relationship issues, Addiction and defiance including obesity – compulsive eating disorders. Schizophrenia; Psychotic / Neurotic behaviour; Insomnia; Social Anxiety Disorder, Sexual preference issues; etc.

b) Related to Physical Ailments / Diseases:

Psychosomatic & Psychoneuroimmune disorders, and all types of diseases / disorders – acute and chronic, including critical conditions like Coma, Cardiac problems, Parkinsonism, Multiple sclerosis, Paralysis, Spinal disorders, Obesity, Pain management, Sports injuries, Migraine, and also incurable or undiagnosable disorders etc.